Apr 22, 2011

Default xmodmap for Lenovo ThinkPad R500

If you messed up your xmodmap key mapping like I did. Find below (collapsed) the default key mapping for a Lenovo ThinkPad R500.

keycode 0x09 = Escape  NoSymbol Escape
keycode 0x43 = F1  XF86_Switch_VT_1 F1  XF86_Switch_VT_1
keycode 0x44 = F2  XF86_Switch_VT_2 F2  XF86_Switch_VT_2
keycode 0x45 = F3  XF86_Switch_VT_3 F3  XF86_Switch_VT_3
keycode 0x46 = F4  XF86_Switch_VT_4 F4  XF86_Switch_VT_4
keycode 0x47 = F5  XF86_Switch_VT_5 F5  XF86_Switch_VT_5
keycode 0x48 = F6  XF86_Switch_VT_6 F6  XF86_Switch_VT_6
keycode 0x49 = F7  XF86_Switch_VT_7 F7  XF86_Switch_VT_7
keycode 0x4A = F8  XF86_Switch_VT_8 F8  XF86_Switch_VT_8
keycode 0x4B = F9  XF86_Switch_VT_9 F9  XF86_Switch_VT_9
keycode 0x4C = F10  XF86_Switch_VT_10 F10  XF86_Switch_VT_10
keycode 0x5F = F11  XF86_Switch_VT_11 F11  XF86_Switch_VT_11
keycode 0x60 = F12  XF86_Switch_VT_12 F12  XF86_Switch_VT_12
keycode 0x6F = Up  NoSymbol Up
keycode 0x4E = Scroll_Lock NoSymbol Scroll_Lock
keycode 0x6E = Home  NoSymbol Home
keycode 0x31 = grave  asciitilde grave  asciitilde
keycode 0x0A = 1  exclam  1  exclam
keycode 0x0B = 2  at  2  at
keycode 0x0C = 3  numbersign 3  numbersign
keycode 0x0D = 4  dollar  4  dollar
keycode 0x0E = 5  percent  5  percent
keycode 0x0F = 6  asciicircum 6  asciicircum
keycode 0x10 = 7  ampersand 7  ampersand
keycode 0x11 = 8  asterisk 8  asterisk
keycode 0x12 = 9  parenleft 9  parenleft
keycode 0x13 = 0  parenright 0  parenright
keycode 0x14 = minus  underscore minus  underscore
keycode 0x15 = equal  plus  equal  plus
keycode 0x16 = BackSpace NoSymbol BackSpace
keycode 0x6A = KP_Divide XF86_Ungrab KP_Divide XF86_Ungrab
keycode 0x61 = NoSymbol
keycode 0x63 = Hiragana NoSymbol Hiragana
keycode 0x4D = Num_Lock Pointer_EnableKeys Num_Lock Pointer_EnableKeys
keycode 0x70 = Prior  NoSymbol Prior
keycode 0x3F = KP_Multiply XF86_ClearGrab KP_Multiply XF86_ClearGrab
keycode 0x52 = KP_Subtract XF86_Prev_VMode KP_Subtract XF86_Prev_VMode
keycode 0x17 = Tab  ISO_Left_Tab Tab  ISO_Left_Tab
keycode 0x18 = q  Q  q  Q
keycode 0x19 = w  W  w  W
keycode 0x1A = e  E  e  E
keycode 0x1B = r  R  r  R
keycode 0x1C = t  T  t  T
keycode 0x1D = y  Y  y  Y
keycode 0x1E = u  U  u  U
keycode 0x1F = i  I  i  I
keycode 0x20 = o  O  o  O
keycode 0x21 = p  P  p  P
keycode 0x22 = bracketleft braceleft bracketleft braceleft
keycode 0x23 = bracketright braceright bracketright braceright
keycode 0x24 = Return  NoSymbol Return
keycode 0x6B = Print  Sys_Req  Print  Sys_Req
keycode 0x67 = NoSymbol
keycode 0x69 = Control_R NoSymbol Control_R
keycode 0x4F = KP_Home  KP_7  KP_Home  KP_7
keycode 0x50 = KP_Up  KP_8  KP_Up  KP_8
keycode 0x51 = KP_Prior KP_9  KP_Prior KP_9
keycode 0x56 = KP_Add  XF86_Next_VMode KP_Add  XF86_Next_VMode
keycode 0x42 = Caps_Lock NoSymbol Caps_Lock
keycode 0x26 = a  A  a  A
keycode 0x27 = s  S  s  S
keycode 0x28 = d  D  d  D
keycode 0x29 = f  F  f  F
keycode 0x2A = g  G  g  G
keycode 0x2B = h  H  h  H
keycode 0x2C = j  J  j  J
keycode 0x2D = k  K  k  K
keycode 0x2E = l  L  l  L
keycode 0x2F = semicolon colon  semicolon colon
keycode 0x30 = apostrophe quotedbl apostrophe quotedbl
keycode 0x33 = backslash bar  backslash bar
keycode 0x53 = KP_Left  KP_4  KP_Left  KP_4
keycode 0x54 = KP_Begin KP_5  KP_Begin KP_5
keycode 0x55 = KP_Right KP_6  KP_Right KP_6
keycode 0x32 = Shift_L  NoSymbol Shift_L
keycode 0x5E = less  greater  less  greater  bar  brokenbar
keycode 0x34 = z  Z  z  Z
keycode 0x35 = x  X  x  X
keycode 0x36 = c  C  c  C
keycode 0x37 = v  V  v  V
keycode 0x38 = b  B  b  B
keycode 0x39 = n  N  n  N
keycode 0x3A = m  M  m  M
keycode 0x3B = comma  less  comma  less
keycode 0x3C = period  greater  period  greater
keycode 0x3D = slash  question slash  question
keycode 0x3E = Shift_R  NoSymbol Shift_R
keycode 0x62 = Katakana NoSymbol Katakana
keycode 0x57 = KP_End  KP_1  KP_End  KP_1
keycode 0x58 = KP_Down  KP_2  KP_Down  KP_2
keycode 0x59 = KP_Next  KP_3  KP_Next  KP_3
keycode 0x6C = Alt_R  Meta_R  Alt_R  Meta_R
keycode 0x25 = Control_L NoSymbol Control_L
keycode 0x73 = End  NoSymbol End
keycode 0x40 = Alt_L  Meta_L  Alt_L  Meta_L
keycode 0x41 = space  NoSymbol space
keycode 0x71 = Left  NoSymbol Left
keycode 0x74 = Down  NoSymbol Down
keycode 0x75 = Next  NoSymbol Next
keycode 0x6D = Linefeed NoSymbol Linefeed
keycode 0x64 = Henkan_Mode NoSymbol Henkan_Mode
keycode 0x68 = KP_Enter NoSymbol KP_Enter
keycode 0x66 = Muhenkan NoSymbol Muhenkan
keycode 0x5A = KP_Insert KP_0  KP_Insert KP_0
keycode 0x5B = KP_Delete KP_Decimal KP_Delete KP_Decimal

clear Shift
clear Lock
clear Control
clear Mod1
clear Mod2
clear Mod3
clear Mod4
clear Mod5

add    Shift   = Shift_L Shift_R
add    Control = Control_L Control_R
add    Mod1    = Alt_L Alt_R 0x00CD
add    Mod2    = Num_Lock
add    Mod4    = Super_L Super_R 0x00CE 0x00CF
add    Mod5    = ISO_Level3_Shift Mode_switch
add    lock    = Caps_Lock

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